Born in Northampton England in 1986 before eventually settling in Leicestershire, Will was brought up avidly listening to Led Zeppelin, Santana, the Rolling stones and Jimi Hendrix as a child. A deep love of guitar driven music continued to grow and Will eventually began playing shortly before his 15th birthday.

Over the next few years Will threw himself into guitar playing completely and was soon introduced to the famous instrumental guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, as well as less obvious players like Denny Dias, Carl Verheyen, Justin King and Bob Zabek. Whilst honing his technique and learning about music theory he started to branch out into more progressive music such as Tool, Meshuggah, King Crimson and Martin Grech and soon joined a contemporary progressive rock band and began writing original music.

Barfly, 2005
Monto Water Rats, 2008

The band played and recorded together for ten years and along the way headlined the National Festival of New Music at Demontfort Hall and played at Music Live at the NEC in Birmingham as well as gigging at venues around the country sharing the stage with top acts and talented up and coming bands including Them is Me (Reef/ Basement Jaxx) and The Arctic Monkeys.

Will became especially interested in Jazz music and has taken lessons over the years with some fine Jazz guitarists including Leeds College of Music tutor Jamie Taylor. As the band and guitar playing progressed his musical influence became far broader drawing from artists like Jagga Jazzist, the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, and The Bad Plus.

Whilst gaining extensive live experience and refining his compositional ability Will studied contemporary popular music at Access To Music at Leicester College in 2003 and also began teaching privately. In 2008 he picked up an endorsement with Organic Guitars and in 2009 was asked to be their demonstrator at the London International Music Show.

As the band came to an end in 2011 Will had already built up a reputation as an accomplished tutor and began to focus more on his teaching. Currently performing with a number of professional bands, as well as session work he maintains a keen involvement in a broad selection of musical genres, as well as keeping up personal study of the instrument, always trying to combine his large musical palette with a creative flair.

Will is currently an extremely in demand musician and private tutor based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Final Haich Gig, August 2011

I'd like to thank Sean Graham for the live event photography.